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OUR Place
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At OUR Place, we redefine shelter, providing a pathway to healing and growth while eradicating the stigma of poverty. Join us in building a community where dignity, compassion, and opportunity flourish for every person.

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At Women and Children's CrossRoads, we empower mothers and single women in their recovery journey, offering a caring and nurturing environment for healing and transformation.

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Our Community Outreach program extends a helping hand to those in need, fostering connections and making a positive impact in our community through compassion and support.

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RISE: The Reno Initiative for Shelter & Equality

The Reno Initiative for Shelter and Equality is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Reno, Nevada. Our initiative is to cultivate a greater sense of dignity and humility by providing equal access to shelter, knowledge, and opportunity. We seek to create a stronger community through the use of shared resources and mutual aid.

RISE is uniquely qualified to serve our unsheltered community since many of our colleagues have a shared lived experience and have overcome life trauma connected to poverty. We have compassionate relationships with those we serve while providing guidance and developing life skills. RISE does not assume the role of an institution when interacting with an individual, rather we developed peer relationships which provide needed support and the opportunity for growth.
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Empowering Through Programs: RISE's Impactful Initiatives

Discover the diverse programs at RISE, each designed to provide shelter, support, and a pathway to brighter futures. Join us in building a stronger community through compassion, empowerment, and shared resources.

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  • Our Place Logo

    OUR Place

    • Shelter
    • Families Welcome
    • Pets Welcome

    OUR Place is a beacon of hope, offering a warm and secure environment for everyone. Here, we believe in unity, compassion, and community support. Explore the diverse range of services and resources that help individuals regain their footing and rebuild their lives with dignity.

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  • CrossRoads Logo

    Women and Children CrossRoads

    • Shelter
    • Families Welcome
    • Pets Welcome

    At Women and Children's CrossRoads, we embrace mothers and single women on their journey to recovery and stability. It's a place where understanding, care, and empowerment flourish. Discover the tailored programs and dedicated support that create a nurturing space for healing and transformation.

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  • Community Outreach Logo

    Community Outreach

    • Shelter
    • Families Welcome
    • Pets Welcome

    Our Community Outreach program is the heart of RISE, reaching out to those in need and extending a helping hand to our neighbors. It's about building bridges, fostering connections, and uplifting our community. Join us as we work together to make a positive impact, one person at a time.

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Empower Change, Transform Lives

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Your Contribution Fuels Hope and Progress at RISE

All Donations Provide Shelter, Equality, and Important Resources Carefully Used to Make An Impact In Our Community. You can choose to have your donation allocated to any of the programs currently managed by RISE or allow us to apply your donation where the funds are needed most. Together we can provide the support our community needs to deliver shelter and equality.
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