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The Reno Initiative for Shelter & Equality
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Serving the Community Since 2012
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Our Story

The Reno Initiative for Shelter & Equality

On a cold winter afternoon in January of 2012, several friends gathered around a hot stove and set out to make the night a little warmer for others. The idea was clear: gather with friends, family, and neighbors to make home-cooked food and share it with love to a community in need. The work was contagious, and before long, we were cooking in our tiny kitchen each week.

As the project grew and word spread, we began meeting people from all walks of life who wanted to help. We shared our ideas and visions of the Reno we want to see: a vibrant community that builds, supports, and participates. Six months after that cold day in January, RISE was formed!

Listen to RISE Executive Director speak about our journey from a community potluck to operating OUR Place in this in-depth interview on RENOITES.

Making An Impact in Reno

The Reno Initiative for Shelter & Equality

The Biggest Little City is a thriving, resilient, beautiful and rugged place to live, and yet there is so much potential here to build our future. Potential to connect neighbor-to-neighbor and tackle the local issues we face. Potential to create, elevate, and participate in this place we call home, even when no one is watching.

We hope that RISE will not only inspire you to join us, but light a fire that ignites your own projects, as well. After all, you don’t need a lot of money, resources, or influence to change the world for the better. To make an impact, you must think globally and act locally!

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Organization Information

RISE Committees

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    Executive Committee

    All RISE Stakeholders have a voice in the Executive Committee. This committee gives direction to staff & volunteers once per month after the Board meeting. Consensus and communication can take time but through transparency, we can make the best environment and achieve results.

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  • RISE Resident Advisory Committee Icon

    Resident Advisory Board

    The Resident Advisory Board meets weekly to provide a platform for our residents to voice their thoughts, concerns, and ideas. Through open and regular communication, this committee helps shape the direction of RISE, ensuring that our programs remain responsive to those we serve.

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  • RISE Donations Committee Icon

    Donations Committee

    The Donations Committee plays a crucial role in performing needs assessments and maintaining efficient donation procedures and communication channels. By evaluating the needs of our community, this committee ensures that the generosity of our supporters is harnessed effectively.

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  • RISE Fundraising Committee Icon

    Fundraising Committee

    The Fundraising Committee is dedicated to amplifying our impact by publishing the needs identified by other committees and organizing engaging events. Through their efforts, they inspire our community to come together, contribute, and participate in events raise funds and foster a sense of togetherness.

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Empower Our Mission to Spark Impact and Inspire Change

Join the Movement and Make An Impact with The Reno Iniative for Shelter & Equality

At RISE, every contribution, no matter the size, is a powerful catalyst for change. Your generosity fuels our mission to empower lives, build stronger communities, and create pathways to brighter futures. Your support ensures that we can continue providing essential resources, support services, and transformative programs to those in need.

By contributing to RISE, you become an integral part of a community-driven force dedicated to making a positive impact. Together, we can elevate lives, break down barriers, and inspire lasting change. Join us in creating a future where compassion and support thrive, making a meaningful difference for individuals and families in our community.

All Donations Provide Shelter, Equality, and Important Resources Carefully Used to Make An Impact In Our Community. You can choose to have your donation allocated to any of the programs currently managed by RISE or allow us to apply your donation where the funds are needed most. Together we can provide the support our community needs to deliver shelter and equality.

Meet the RISE Team

Behind every success story, there's a dedicated team of compassionate individuals committed to making a difference in our community.

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